Some of the characters Gillie has played



ROMA in BAFTA award-winning The Hoobs on Ch. 4, the Jim Henson Company

STRID in BAFTA award-winning Ripley & Scuff on CITV, the Children’s Company

ARABELLA the frog in Tiny and Crew

TREEZLE BEE in Nini’s Treehouse

ARABEL in Joan Aiken’s Mortimer & Arabel for the BBC

ALPHA in Little Green Planet Show

GEORGE in Rainbow

MOUSEY in Write Away

POLLY the Polar Bear in Pingu Loves English

DIDI in Digger and Splat

Part of the team operating PINOCCHIO for the BBC

also various characters in:

Mopatop’s Shop

Roger and the Rottentrolls

Happy Families

Spitting Image, including various spin-offs

The Trouble with Michael Caine

Alice in Wonderland

Words & Pictures and Words & Pictures Plus

Get Fresh

Michael Bentine’s Potty Time

The Winjin’ Pom

Michael Bentine’s It’s a Square World

The Fun Factory

All the World’s a Stage (Ubu Roi)

Pebble Mill

Behind the Bikesheds

Jim’ll Fix It

Blue Peter


and many more…